Fighting African Mental Slavery


By Umudjere S.O.

Africa is a globally sensitized, adored and blessed continent that had attracted other continents to explore and acquire her unique resources and potentials
The active acquisition of these African resources and potentials is as a result of the consent of Africa access granted to the Western folks, We Africans have granted the Westerners the right to explore and acquire our resources at the detriment of our own survival

"FOR INSTANCE: Today 25th This month March back then in 1960 Africans granted the Western folks the right to ban all black political parties in South Africa.
Same this day 25th, this month March, back then in 1993 Africans ignorantly granted the Westerners the access to dismantle six nuclear bombs that were built in South Africa"

In Africa, knowledge of Africanism is at a low rate as Africans see Africanism as an odd practice that should be detested and as such disassociate themselves from it
This act had geared efforts of post-colonial rule in Africa because most Africans elicit the act of incometencies in ruling themselves, despite the attained independence of Africa by Africans they are still gravely suffering from mental slavery
I must confess that the presence of Ignorant Africans via the African struggle had elicited AFRICA MENTAL SLAVERY

Our ancestors fought the PHYSICAL INDEPENDENCE and achieved it now its OUR TURN to fight for MENTAL INDEPENDENCE and WE will achieve it

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