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Africans Know Thyself.

‪Africans must work to dispel the myth that Africa is a dark continent waiting for enlightenment. The ideas that enlightened the world, such as Judaism (influenced by Moses’ Black wife and father in law) & philosophy (ancient Egyptians were Black) are African

In Europe, learning began in monasteries. But monasteries did not originate in Europe. They originated in modern day Egypt and Ethiopia. This is not even a disputed fact. The oldest monasteries and scriptural manuscripts in the world were found in Egypt. ‬

Google the Ife bronze figures. Long before any European civilisation developed metal work, the Yoruba people of SW Nigeria had the technology to sculpt the most intricate bronze figures. Scholars in Oxford/Cambridge are still scratching their heads to know how this was possible.

The Periodic Tables that form the basis of modern Chemistry are partly of (Black) Egyptian origin. Many Africans don’t even know that until Nebuchadnezzar defeated Egypt, the Egyptians were a completely Black Race (Ezekiel 29:19-20, Jeremiah 46:9). Arabs/Persians are NOT native to North Africa

The first non Hebrew Christians were not Europeans. They were Black Africans (Acts 8). Christianity was officially declared as the state religion of Ethiopia in 313 AD. At that time, Europeans were practicing human (yes!) sacrifice as part of their heathen religions

When you hear of Orthodox Christianity, Africans think of Greece and Russia. WRONG. The first and oldest Orthodox Church is the Coptic Orthodox Church founded in Egypt by Mark 49 years after Christ’s death. Before churches were built in Europe, they were built in Africa.

‪It will shock many Africans to know there was ONLY African traditional religion, mysticism and Christianity in the area now known as Egypt, until AD 639 when Muslim invaders from Arabia FORCEFULLY Islamised the Nubians and killed those who would not convert‬.

When you go to Ethiopia, you will be shocked at the similarities between Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity and Islam. Yet, the Ethiopians have been worshiping like that centuries BEFORE Mohammed was born. How come the similarities? Who copied who? If you hate facts and are a religious extremist, stop reading NOW!

‪The similarities arose because when the Quraysh clan of Mecca persecuted Mohammed and the first Muslims, the Muslims fled to Ethiopia were the Ethiopian Christians gave them asylum and protected them militarily from the Quraysh. The Muslims learnt from their African hosts.‬

‪The 1st HIJRA of Muslims was NOT to Medina. 7 years before Medina, Mohammed’s (SAW) followers were given asylum from enemies by Christians in ancient Ethiopia. That is where the similarities came from.

I took this picture of monks in an Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Their dressing has not changed, neither has their style of worship and learning. Notice anything familiar in their dressing? This was how they dressed when they gave Muslims asylum

As you can see from the above, Black Africa is central to JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM and PHILOSOPHY. Can any other continent or people boast of such origins? Our problem is ignorance of our history.

All I have said are verifiable facts. They are not even disputed. It just vexes me that Africans who are the owners of this history are also the least aware of them. We believe the stereotype of a Dark Continent and are wanting to be more European than the Europeans


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