“The Negro Question”. Albert Einstein’s 1946 Statement on Racism and Civil Rights

einstein racism

THE NEGRO QUESTION (1946) by Albert Einstein I am writing as one who has lived among you in America only a little more than ten years. And I am writing seriously and warningly. Many readers may ask: “What right has he to speak about things which concern us alone, and which no newcomer should touch?” … Read more

African Families Withdrawing their Kids from Schools to Protect them from Racism


A 5 years old, African girl, schooled in an elementary class in Paris came back home crying. Her mother asked what was wrong. She said, at school the teacher was teaching them a new song. While singing the new song the kids have to clap their hands tree times and then put palms down on the leg and say “… and it’s all white”, supposedly referring to the skin color. The little girl rightfully noticed that her palm and skin were not … all white, but chocolate as she said to her mom.

The third time the kids played the clap, clap, clap, white game, the teacher and the other pupils noticed the embarrassment of the African girl. A girl in the group shouted “she is not white”, another one continued “she’s chocolate”. The teacher intervened and move the class to other less controversial topics.


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